Ohio Woman Kicked Off Of Food Stamps Because She Was IN A COMA!

This just in, no joke, according to NBC news, an ohio woman has been kicked off of the Ohio Food Stamps Benefits program because she failed to report that she was in a coma...  These people are freaking crazy, and this type of 'ish proves it.

The woman, Kimberly Thompson, a 43 year old warehouse worker who packed boxes to pay trailer rent to support herself and her 15 year old daugther, had gone into the hospital for a hysterectomy, and when she got out, she could not return to strenous warehouse work.

Thompson applie for Ohio SNAP benefits, TANF and medicaid, and she enrolled in a computer repair program. She suffered a medical complication after the surgery, and because of it, she was placed in a medically induced coma.

After she woke up from her coma, a month later, she received a letter from the Ohio First Works program that told her she had been sanctioned because she failed to report she was in a coma - when she called a worker at the Franklin County, Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services told her that she had 2 days to verify that she was in the hospital - Thompson was frail and immobilized because she had just come out of a coma and she had 7 toes amputated and she lost a fair amount of cognitive capacity..
With zero money coming in, Thompson bounced from relatives couches to her ex-husbands home - now her daugther lives temporarily with her father - how freaking stupid and totally uncaring can these idiots at the Franklin Count, Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services be? Read the whole disgusting story by clicking the link below:

Ohio Woman Kicked Off Welfare for not Reporting She was in a Coma

Politicians Want To Cut Food Stamps From The Hungriest Counties

Each year, the anti-hunger organization, Feeding America, releases it's annual "Meal Gap" report. The report serves as a measurment on food insecurity on a county by county basis. Basically, food insecurity simply means that there is lack of access to enough food for men, women and children in a given area. 

Two Counties, Zavala County, Texas and Humphreys County Mississippi rank the highest in the nation. Representatives Bennie Thompson, and Pete Gallego, both Democrats, and Republicans, House Speaker John Boehner and Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan have signaled their interest in cuts to the food stamp program in these two low income counties.

Republicans are pushing really hard for the cuts, and that means if Republicans gain control of the Senate in the mid-term elections this year, food stamps in these two poor countries will definitely be cut. 

The whole thing is sickening, because nowhere are any bright ideas about how to help these people gain access to training for better jobs so they can feed their kids without government assistance.

Read the full story from MSNBC, by clicking the link below:

Politicians from the Hungriest Counties Voted To Cut Food Stamps

Missouri Food Stamps Merchant Caught for Food Stamp Fraud

According to the St. Louis Riverfront Times, a Missouri SNAP Benefits Merchant has been caught red-handedly committing blatant food stamp fraud.

Gravois Discount Smokes, also known as Abes Gavois Discount is a south-side smoke shop that allowed Missouri food stamp recipients to purchase non-eligible items, such as cigarettes, perfume and calling cards with their EBT Cards.

In edition to allowing the non-eligible items, the shop owners allowed people to exchange food stamps for cash. According to the U.S. Attorney, this store's illegal activities has caused loses of over $600,000.

Gravois Discount Smoke's is located at Gravois Avenue and Chippewa Street in the Tower Grove South neighborhood of St. Louis.  I'm sure neighborhood people who used his services will miss this "benefit," as the owner, Ebraheem Maki Naif, faces ten years for his crimes.

Folks, food stamp crime only hurts us all in the end. Good Job to whoever reported this guy and got him caught.

If you would like to read the original story, click the link below:

Gravois Smoke Shop Let Customers Buy Cigarettes, Cologne with Food Stamps


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